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Mastercard Uses Its Technological Background In Helping Refugees From Ukraine

When Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, it affected the lives of the Ukrainian people. From the beginning of the conflict, a host of nations, corporations, and everyday people gave a hand. Mastercard emerged as one of the standout supporters in this effort. Through a specially designed platform, they’ve been instrumental in aiding Ukrainians in their journey to begin anew in Poland. Their commitment to support remains unflagging, responding actively to the latest challenges.

Mastercard’s Contributions to Aiding Ukrainian Refugees: A Closer Look

The mass exodus of Ukrainians, predominantly women and children, to Poland in the past year has been a challenging transition. Recognizing these difficulties, financial giant Mastercard stepped in with innovative solutions. Their brainchild, the Mastercard – Where To Settle platform, is a testament to their tech-savvy approach to aid.

The head of Mastercard Europe Poland shared that this initiative was made possible by integrating their data with that of local businesses. For this endeavour, they joined forces with the Morizon-Gratka Group, a leading entity in Poland. This digital resource equips refugees with crucial information, such as potential living locations, average living expenses, and typical wage rates.


The “Mastercard – Where To Settle” Platform

Launched in July 2022 under the Polish moniker Gdzie Zamieszkać, or “where to settle,” this program is aimed at assisting refugees in uncovering cost-effective living and employment opportunities. Essentially, it’s designed to uplift the living standards of Ukrainians in Poland.

By leveraging data from the Central Statistical Office, the online tool provides estimates for living expenses across various Polish cities, towns, and regions. Thus, Ukrainians gain insights into fundamental necessities, everyday purchases, average rents, and salaries.

The Mastercard – Where To Settle platform serves as a valuable resource for newly arrived Ukrainian residents seeking the most fitting living arrangements based on their family’s needs and budget. The platform is browser-accessible and doesn’t require registration or login.

To generate the most beneficial results, users need to input basic details such as household size, occupation, desired settlement region, and preferred transportation method. The platform, thus, guides Ukrainians through their intricate and challenging circumstances by analyzing their income against living costs and helping them identify the optimal place to reside.

Mastercard Paves a New Path for Ukrainians

Mastercard’s innovative platform has played a key role in helping Ukrainians rebuild their lives. While 40% of Ukrainians have secured employment, a significant 79% aspire to improve their job positions, with 51% presently working below their skill level.

In response, Mastercard strives to guide these individuals towards fulfilling careers that offer both financial and personal satisfaction. Its commitment to providing dependable, up-to-date information remains steadfast. Moreover, it underscores the necessity of sustained support for Ukrainians in the long haul.