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Morning commute best time for retailers to reach consumers by email

83% of consumers read emails from retailers during the morning commute on their mobiles, according to a new study by retail marketing agency Leapfrogg. 

When asked what times they opened and read emails from their favourite brands, research showed that the next most popular time was travelling home from work. 74% of people did so via their mobiles, with a further 11% using tablets. 7% used tablets during the morning commute.

Shoppers prefer to hear from retailers once a week. A third of respondents cited one email every seven days as the optimum number, while just over a fifth – 22% – said once a month was enough. Only 4% found daily emails acceptable, with 13% happy to receive them two or three times a week.

During weekdays, the most popular time to make a purchase is at lunchtime via a desktop computer, with 75% doing so.

Consumers believe around lunch or after dinner are the best times to make online purchases at weekends. Choosing from six periods during the day, with multiple options allowed, 68% and 68% respectively said they liked to buy online during these times using a desktop computer.

37% of shoppers felt it was important for retailers to know what they’ve previously purchased, in order to successfully personalise shopping experiences. Using their name was considered the next most pressing detail (35%), followed by personal style and product preferences (25%).

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