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In store displays that really leave an impact

You’ve got displays to set up within your store, but you want to be sure it’s going to carry as much impact as possible, and bring in as many customers as you’ve always wanted to see.

How do you go about setting up such a display? Well, you might want to follow the pointers we’ve listed below, because it really is all about knowing what to include, how to make a proper layout, and what kind of products you’re calling attention to on your displays. 

If you looked down and saw a display like the above, would you be intrigued? 

Something interactive

An interactive display brings people in naturally, as there’s something to do, or see, or listen to. An interactive display helps you to create an impression, simply because of the more in touch and fun nature of the stand or shelf you’ve put together. However, there are a lot of elements that go into creating an interactive display, and you’re going to need to learn them off by heart to create an interactive experience all throughout your store. 

One of the main things to think about, when creating an interactive display, is what kind of customers you’re trying to sell to. Do you have young adults, or older adults to impress? Are you a hit with kids, either under the age of 12 or over? Because you need to tailor your interactivity to these different age groups. 

For example, creating a child friendly display requires using a bit of imagination – you’re going to want characters to display the products you have geared towards kids, such as this pop up store that appeared in Soul, South Korea back in 2016. Familiar characters excite the young fans of them, and gets them more involved, and the interactive part could feature voice lines for the character to say, or for the character to hand out products or gift cards to customers passing by. 

Something with a call to action

Following on from the point above, which goes hand in hand with this one, a call to action is an age old marketing technique; if you want people to pay attention, you have to grab them in a clear and obvious way. So when it comes to putting a store display together, you would do very well to think of a line or two that’ll catch the eye and make people think about what’s in front of them.

Of course, calls to action are most often used in digital marketing, such as emailing. However, you can also make good use of such a tactic in store as well. Enticing people in, with a big sign, with the right eye catching colors, and phrases to intrigue; encourage your customers to try on clothes, ask them to touch and try before they buy, and always provide an option for your customers to get a little more immersed in the display. 

On a similar vein, setting up a TV screen in store could save you a lot of money in the long run; after all, you can switch out as many adverts or presentations as you need to when you have a virtual medium to make use of. Alongside this, making use of the services of a presentation design company could also help with the design element here – even using powerpoints, made masterfully and transitioning at key points to attract attention, could be incredibly impactful on whoever is shopping nearby. 

Something organic

An organic display incorporates features of the outside world. It has a lot of greenery to make use of, and that’s something that pulls a lot of modern shoppers in – we like to prioritise plant life within our own lives, and when a shop does that too, we’re immediately attracted to the prospect. How would you feel about dangling plants surrounding a display? Wouldn’t it be an enticing look? 

Plants make a shopping environment feel much more welcoming, and bring a lot of people in based on curiosity alone. Plants stand out, and always have a unique look to them, thanks to their organic nature. Not to mention just how healthy plants can make your entire store both look and feel; there’ll be a lot less CO2 in the air, and you might be working a lot easier thanks to the health benefits

Something that features the whole package

And finally, the in store displays you’re going to be setting up need to feature the whole package. By that we mean that the products you’re going to sell, or plan to make a display out of, need to be accompanied by similar products that go hand in hand with their use. This is generally known as cross merchandising. For a quick example, a hairbrush set could be laid out next to hair straighteners, or hair creams and washes, to show the customers the whole package you want them to invest in. 

When you do this, you make sure that the people who are interested in just one product are tipped towards spending money on the rest as well. Seeing as a lot of branded products are made to work together anyway, you’ll grant your customers a sense of convenience. They won’t have to waste time looking around the whole store, and getting distracted, if everything they needed was already right there in front of them! 

Ready to set up your displays?

If you’ve got an in store display to set up, make sure you’re using ideas like those above to really create something that’ll stand out and impress the people you’re trying to sell towards. 

After all, the current generation of shoppers have seen a lot from the brands they shop with already, and you need to do something bigger and better, or at least different, from the shops on the high street around you. 

So make sure a lot of time, thought, and effort has gone into setting up your in store displays, because it really matters for your profit margins.