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New luxury bedding brand enters the market

Trendsetter Home Furnishings Ltd, the UK’s largest international supplier of duvets, pillows and mattress toppers, has added to its industry-leading portfolio of brands with the introduction of a new luxury bedding range, the Nimbus Emporium collection.

The new Nimbus Emporium collection is setting new standards in all-natural quality bedding. It features the finest materials, meticulously sourced and carefully crafted using traditional techniques to create a supreme finish unlike anything else on the market. Nimbus Emporium is also ahead of the market with a 10-year quality guarantee on duvets, and responsible sourcing.

This exquisite range features a Gold, Silver and Bronze collection.

Sara Wadsworth, Nimbus brand manager, said: “Natural filled products represent more than 30% of overall bedding sales in the UK, seen by many consumers as the ultimate in luxury. Our new brand and stand-out packaging reinforces the luxury credentials of this product and offers retailers a top end range to complement their existing offer.

“Natural filled products have the benefit that they generally maintain their insulating properties for longer than synthetics and are able to drape around the body, comfortingly hugging and insulating. The result is not only a product of exceptional quality but one that has the benefit of longevity too.

“Choosing quality bedding is a sound investment as with the proper care a duvet can last years and pillows can have an unparalleled ability to spring back into shape.”

Trendsetter has more than 100 years’ heritage in bedding manufacture. Nimbus will sit alongside its popular retail brands The Fine Bedding Company and Kings and Queens, as well specialist hospitality brand The Fine Bedding Hotels Division.

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