Lengow launches new e-commerce automation platform

Lengow, the European leader in e-commerce feed management, have announced the launch of the Lengow e-commerce Automation Platform, taking its successful feed management solution for online retailers to the next level. 

With revamped and more intuitive features and an easier-to-use interface, the platform provides a new level of automation capability for online retailers. It reduces the lion’s share of time-consuming product data management and automates processes, analytics and campaigns.

Lengow plans to develop the new e-commerce automation platform into a ‘hub’ that integrates with all major e-commerce tools, allowing customers to centrally manage and automate all e-commerce processes within a single platform.  The hub will integrate tools, services and partners, including product listing translation, delivery and payment management, pricing assistance and analytics services within a few clicks.

The platform is aimed at meeting the evolving challenges faced by online retailers in an increasingly global and cross-border e-commerce market. The platform makes planning, managing and optimising even the most complex, international multi-channel strategy easy and efficient, saves time and reduces customer acquisition costs by up to 40%.

The platform’s intuitive new features allow online retailers:

  • Centralise all of their online campaigns and reduce data traffic.
  • Receive automated, personalised recommendations on channels and product reference optimisation.
  • Visualise in real-time  their product listings and catalogue status updates.
  • Create unique global promotions on specific e-commerce channels.
  • Set up multiple automatic rules for different product segments.
  • See the profitability of each of their products on each channel.

E-commerce is the fastest growing retail market in Europe. Sales in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland and Spain are expected to grow from £132.05 bn [€156.28 bn] in 2014 to £185.44 bn (€219.44 bn) in 2016. British people are the most frequent online shoppers in Europe, with online sales in the UK predicted to rise 15.3% in 2016.

Lengow’s dramatic growth to date has been driven by more than 3500 customers in 45 countries and partnerships with 1800 channels worldwide. Its impressive customer portfolio includes L’Oreal, Made.com, Mango, The North Face, Pepe Jeans and Vans.

Commenting on the release of the new Lengow platform, Mickael Froger, co-founder and CEO of Lengow said: “The new Lengow E-commerce Automation platform enables smart new ways of working for retailers and opens up new international markets for them. We developed it with the goal of making online selling around the world much easier and more effective and we believe it sets a new standard for innovation, intelligent design and simplicity. By centralising and connecting all necessary e-commerce tools into a single platform, Lengow is fuelling e-commerce of the future.”

Adrien Wiesenbach, acquisition manager at Menlook, who previewed the new platform, said: “Lengow is quick and easy to use and allows us to distribute our product listings on important channels around the world. The platform will allow greater control over our strategy and an improved ROI.”

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