How luxury brands are improving consumer buying experiences

It’s increasingly important that luxury brands support retailers by making the consumer aware of their products’ points of difference.

This is especially true in the complicated world of filled bedding where there are so many variations for consumers to consider, including size, TOG, filling, and price. Why should a consumer pay £750 for duvet when they can pick up another “duvet” for less than 10 per cent of the price?

Whether it’s detailed packaging that facilitates the actual selection process, with limited sales adviser input, or ensuring that the goods are easily and well presentable in-store, premium brands need to continually innovate with regards to ways they’re helping retailers to provide a more consumer friendly buying experience.

Luxury bedding brands Nimbus Emporium and The Fine Bedding Company are two brands doing just that.

Nimbus, for example, is a new uber lux brand of natural filled duvets, pillows and toppers. It is one of the forerunners of presenting products in high quality bags, rather than clunky boxes, to make the ‘take home’ experience on a par with its beautifully manufactured high quality natural bedding.

Another way Nimbus is reinforcing its premium brand credentials is with the introduction of a Down Pass seal that tells consumers that products have been ethically sourced and adhere to a strict set of product standards, ensuring full tracability and quality.

Sara Wadsworth, brand manager for Nimbus, explains: “Recent reports have documented the increased consumer interest in the origins of their purchases and brands in all sectors can no longer afford to ignore this trend.

“Our ethically sourced and luxurious Nimbus natural bedding range supports this trend and it’s clear on the packaging that consumers can rest assured of quality and that strict processes have been adhered to. We’re also backing it with a new consumer-facing PR campaign to raise brand awareness and ultimately help consumers understand what to look for when buying high-quality natural filled and synthetic bedding products, and some of the unpleasant hidden secrets of lower priced alternatives.”

As a leader in synthetic bedding, The Fine Bedding Company is using its technological and innovation credentials to show why its products justify a higher price tag to cheaper alternatives.

The Fine Bedding Company’s range contains ground-breaking Smartfil® a unique next generation fibre technology that offers superior thermal performance and maximum airflow, keeping consumers warm and comfortable as they sleep. The special silicone coating allows the duvets and pillows to revive and recover their form like new every day after plumping up and also after regular and repeated washing. Its range of bedding recently outperformed competitors in a washability performance study, when washed at 60° and dried over 20 washes.

The Fine Bedding Company has also recently extended its expertise into the realm of children’s bedding. The new Junior range includes a number of top-quality bedroom essentials, made from microfibre and encased in sumptuously soft peach skin, again displayed in beautiful and clearly labelled packaging that reflects the brand’s point of difference.

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