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Reports of Christmas delivery driver shortage

For Christmas 2014 reports claim that there will be a shortage of delivery drivers.

The UK logistics industry could be facing its biggest crisis in years due to a delivery driver shortage that is threatening to postpone Christmas for many families across the country.

Record 180 million home deliveries have been predicted for November and December, but a lack of drivers means that many of those packages could be left at the warehouse.

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills believes a massive 60,000 drivers are needed if all the demands are to be met, which might be too tall an order.

The Freight Transport Association claims that 20,000 drivers have left the profession since September when a new safety training procedure was implemented by the EU.

It requires drivers to go through 35 hours of training if they want to carry on in their profession, and it costs around £500 to undertake. The rising cost of insurance premiums is also seen as an issue that is putting employers off from recruiting young people.

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