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Why your business needs a mobile app

If you own a smart phone, we won’t need to explain to you how important it is that your business is mobile friendly.

Everyone uses their phones now as the first point of contact when looking or a specific item or brand and so it is vital that your site is mobile friendly. While you may have optimised your website for mobile, have you ever thought about developing a mobile app for your business?

It is a common misunderstanding that only big businesses can implement a mobile app and as mobile usage is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future, smaller and smaller to medium sized businesses are creating apps for their business.

If you want to know more about the benefits of investing in mobile app development for your business, carry on reading.

Make your business visible at all times

While your site may be mobile optimised, potential customers will still have to remember your brand and go searching for it when they are next looking to purchase a specific item or service. With the average person spending at least 2 hours on their mobile every day, you want your brand to constantly be visible to them and in their psyche. Each time a person looks on their smartphone for the app that they want, they will inevitably come across yours and this can subconsciously allow customers minds to record the brand and remember it at a later date.

An app can act as a direct marketing channel

What is great about an app for your business is that it provides all of the information at the customer needs right at their fingertips. This can be anything from general info to prices. What’s more, you can use push notifications with an app to remind customers about your products or services and also to let them know about any special sales that you may have coming up.

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Stand out from the competition

Although mobile apps are very widely used, amongst smaller businesses they are still on the rise and many will not have yet taken advantage of them. This gives you an edge over your competitors! You could be the first business in your area to offer a mobile app to your customers and the ease of use of these apps means that more people are likely to use your services over a competitor that does not have the same information available that is easy to access.

Provide extra value to your customers

With a mobile app, there are endless opportunities for you to provide additional features that will add extra value. For example, if you have a loyalty programme in place on cards, you can move this to your app and allow customers to collect their rewards that way. It is simple additional extras such as this that can really add to your business and provide customers with an exceptional experience. This means more customers will continue to return to your business.