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Providing an Effective Scheduling for Restaurants: the Main Ideas for Restaurant Owners and Managers

Each restaurant can be compared to a living organism which depends on multiple factors like restaurant staff scheduling, the mastery of its chefs, thoughtful promotion, and even word of mouth. But like in any organism, whose health depends on the proper functionality of its parts and organs, in the restaurant, it fully depends on the workflow provided by its management. This workflow generally is provided by proper scheduling for restaurants.

What is that, and how to provide logical and effective scheduling for your staff? Let’s consider this in detail.

Restaurant Management with Modern Solutions. Application for Automation of Work Processes

Talking about restaurants, we consider not only fine-dining establishments or 5-Michelin-stars hot points. All said, it is relevant for family restaurants, bistros, pizzerias, and all kinds of HoReCa establishments as well. Thus, what is restaurant employee scheduling and how to improve it the most?

In your restaurant, you have a team of workers who maintain their functions. It’s logical to have a chief and cooks, waiters, administrators, bartenders, and workers to provide high-class service. Yet, they are not working simultaneously, aren’t they? Some have weekends, others need some sick list days, and probably, some have a force-majeure occasion right now. You need to plan restaurant employee scheduling to avoid the pitfalls in your business operation.

Of course, it’s great if you can plan all your staff’s work manually or if your manager is a real talent to do that. Yet, it cannot protect you from human factor-based mistakes, drawbacks, and emergencies. Today, most businesses go digitized. So does the restaurant industry. You can use a special restaurant scheduling app, and it won’t fail. What makes software solutions for restaurant staff scheduling a win-win idea?

  • No possibility of a human factor when planning the workflow.
  • All accountable data about employee’s shifts, working hours, and productivity is collected in one app.
  • Fast and visible process of schedule creation.

So, even if you have only a couple of waiters hired, you can manage their work with higher efficiency if delegate it to a scheduling app.

To create the most transparent vision of the opportunities provided by such a modern tool, let’s focus on the most significant of them.

Scheduling of Shifts Became Even Easier

As usual, manual scheduling requires lots of time and effort. Tons of papers covered with graphs, multiple corrections and taggings, all that can lead to mistakes and lost information about whom, when, and for how much time start their shifts today.

This leads to the following problems:

  • Lack of employees on the days of full seating in the restaurant.
  • Top employees are not engaged in shifts on hot dates.
  • Some of your staff have fewer time shifts than others, and this badly impacts their motivation.
  • Customers are messy with customer service drops.

Besides, there are situations when restaurant staff scheduling should be planned even more thoroughly, i.e., on holidays, special events, or soirees. These days, you need to engage the most effective employees and guarantee that your staff number will be enough to operate tip-top. Using automated scheduling for restaurants helps to manage all these issues with ease and track the workload of each employee to keep the balance.

Timesheet in One Click

Most restaurant employees work for hourly pay. For a manager or an owner, it is critically important to get accurate data about how many hours each team member worked in a certain period to calculate the salary fairly. There is no more need to create time sheets for your staff. The restaurant scheduler copes with this task in one click. Just select an employee and get all the data about their productivity. Besides payroll, automated scheduling tool also helps to track the workload of each worker, distribute it honestly, and prevent staff turnover due to low motivation and income.


Exchange Shifts, Weekends, and Sick Days Online

Often the employee warns about sickness or some force-majeure situations which lead to missed shift late at night or right before the shift itself. You need to find a replacement instantly, but how to do that in off-hours? With a restaurant scheduler, you can get access to further shifts instantly from anywhere. This can help you react momentarily to changing circumstances and provide a seamless workflow.

Payroll for Hours Worked. Automatic Calculation

As we mentioned earlier, automation tools for scheduling are indispensable for tracking and accounting routines. In terms of salary calculation, it provides even more advanced options.

  • You get timely information about each employee and their working hours during a period to calculate salaries.
  • Automatic calculation is also a merit you can use. Just indicate the rates for your employees and get accurate calculations with bonuses and penalties for overtime and missed shifts.
  • You can adjust all the peculiarities of payroll in your establishment like wage arrangements with overtime, penalties for bad customer service on certain shifts or calculation of losses due to broken tableware, spoiled meals, and everything of that kind.

Motivate Your Employees with Overtime Bonuses

And here we come to the most proficient opportunity. You can develop loyalty in your restaurant team and motivate it greatly using a scheduling tool as a basis. If your employees know that they will be praised with overtime bonuses, get the most profitable shifts due to their effective work, and their efforts will be fairly evaluated, that motivates them greatly. Why not use it then?

Modern restaurant workflow is not possible without the implementation of new solutions, namely automation. An automated tool for human resources, a restaurant scheduling app, is your key to success when it comes to thorough planning of your establishment’s operation. With it, multiple pitfalls related to the staff’s operation can be mitigated while you, as a business owner, get a reliable tool for management, accounting, and payroll processes.