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PUMA collaborates with Green Room to launch new digital football experience

PUMA digital football experienceThe serious lack of stimulus our brains have had over the past year has created a pent-up desire for exciting, real-world experiences. And with the world becoming more digitally-fueled by the nano-second, there’s a big opportunity coming into view for brands to create more meaningful digital experiences in the real world.

Despite the rapid digitisation of the way we shop, 85% of sales still took place in physical places (prior to 2020, of course). And with 70% of consumers claiming that a brand’s understanding of their personal needs influences their loyalty, the need to create memorable, personalised and shareable in-store experiences is key to building any brand’s long-term strategy. And it’s in this area of the retail ecosystem where global sportswear brand PUMA – in partnership with global experience design specialists Green Room – truly lead the pack.

The two companies have already collaborated on successful projects including PUMA’s first in-store football experience in Sydney and the award-winning Skill Cube experience in New York. And Green Room are now working with PUMA to evolve their interactive retail experience in other markets.

Combining the power of gamification, AI and projection, Green Room’s latest football retail innovation is live this month at the Irani Corp’s new PUMA store in the Old Port, Tel Aviv.

This in-store football experience aids the decision-making process for football boots, giving visitors the chance to try the boots before they buy and play a digital game on an authentic surface.

PUMA’s digital native target audience have grown up in a world where football and gaming coexist. Green Room capitalises on this sentiment to deliver an experience that’s informative, fun and memorable, driving trial and purchase.

People are encouraged to visit the experience regularly to improve their score and beat their friends; ensuring that PUMA is always front of mind when it comes to purchasing a new pair of football boots, which happens twice a year on average. The experience space has also been designed to transform into a PR event with pro players invited to show their skills for special launches.

Celebrating PUMA’s new ‘FUTURE Z’ boot, worn by PUMA ambassador Neymar, the experience is made up of 3 phases:

Moment 1: Selection

Ambient content plays on the screens as an attract mechanism. When a boot is lifted, this will cue product-specific content on the screen, helping the user determine which product matches their individual needs.

Moment 2: Fitting

Customers sit in a Recaro dug out seat and as they try on the boots of their choice, projected content comes to life around their feet.

Moment 3: Trial

Wearing the boots, customers then play a game on an authentic indoor surface. Their score appears on the leader board in store and their details are captured for future CRM.

Rachel Lloyd, Head of Digital at Green Room, commented; “We’re thrilled to launch this interactive football experience at such a prestigious new store in Tel Aviv. We know that experience at retail directly impacts sales and we are delivering innovation that elevates shopping to new heights.”

Each season, screen and projected content is conceived and crafted by the Green Room team. Content is then localised if required and pushed out remotely to stores.

Green Room is now in R&D for new games to introduce to Moment 3, ensuring the experience is kept fresh and driving repeat visits.