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4 tips to make your shop an enjoyable place to be

enjoyable open shopWhile some people love shopping, others see it as an inconvenient necessity, and they’d prefer to shop online, as evidenced by places such as ASOS gaining 1.5 million customers over the past six months.

However, you know that online shopping is not always possible if you need to try something on, or simply want to find something unique. This drives consumers to your shop, so you must make it as enjoyable as possible. 

Make it comfortable

How does a business make a shop comfortable? Air conditioning during the summer and heating in the winter is a superb place to start, but even this can stray too far into the extreme. Rather than have the place too hot or too cold, you need to find the balance. Consider to clean your store’s air ducts to allow the air to flow freely without overwhelming your customers. You can also put soft chairs or sofas around for put-upon partners to sit down on while they wait for their other half in the changing room. 

Emphasise customer service

Fantastic customer service is a crucial element for small businesses, and in many ways, you have the edge over larger corporations. Small businesses can give their customer service process a personal touch rather than going through more complex processes that you’d find with established shops. If you have enough staff on the floor, you can ensure all of your customers get the high-quality service they need to get their questions answered so they can get on with their day.

Clean and tidy

Your shop should always be clean and tidy, but after the rush comes in and then leaves almost as abruptly, you could find your shop in a state of disrepair. This is unsightly not just for you, but for other customers, so you need to maintain tidiness and order as much as possible throughout the day. Make sure to put everything back where it belongs and clean up any spills, which also prevents accidents. If yours is a clothing store, keep piles of clothes folded neatly after someone rummages through them, too. 

Engage all the senses

One of the secrets to making your shop as enjoyable as possible is to engage your customers’ senses so they associate the experience with positive memories. You can use essential oils, candles, or incense to create a comforting and pleasant aroma, whereas digital signage placed strategically around the shop will grab their attention and alert them to the latest offers or discounts. You can also think about the music. The latest hits are always a good idea, but you need to be wary of the volume. Too loud, and it will drive people away, but too quiet, and it will get lost under the rabble of other customers. 

Happy place

Attitudes to in-person shopping have shifted dramatically over the past decade, and many brick-and-mortar shops feel it’s an uphill battle. The Death of the High Street is not a myth, and companies can weather the storm by providing a convenient and enjoyable alternative to online shopping by making their shop an enjoyable place to be.