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Repurposing empty retail space

When it comes to working in retail, you need to make the most of every single bit of space that you have. But what if you find yourself with empty retail space and want to make the most of what you have?  

The good news is that those who have empty retail space can do things to repurpose and reuse it and get the most from the room as possible. 

Not sure where to start? If you are wondering, then here are the best ways to repurpose empty retail space.  

Add in leisure spaces

If your empty retail space is next to existing retail spaces, you will want to try and make it appeal to potential shoppers. A great way to do this is to make the existing spaces into leisure spots. This includes bars, restaurants, soft play centres and other forms of entertainment. This will bring new people in and give it a breath of fresh air.  

Make it a logistical hub

Another excellent use for retail spaces is to transform them into a logistic hub for various retailers. There seems to be a much lower level of industrial spaces available at the moment, so having an alternative that can be bought or rented out is an excellent option for many businesses. One great example of this is the retail giant Amazon. They, needing more space to expand their business, are buying out existing retail buildings such as Homebase stores to house their logistic centres.  

Turn them into residential properties

It might not be ideal for everyone to live in a shopping area, but for some people, the idea of being so close to every facility that they may need is a huge plus point. This is why many property developers have built complexes in parts of towns that have existing shops and retail spaces, bringing together retail with residential.  

Welcome in another business

You can bring retail businesses together with other business types. Office blocks are a common addition to empty retail spaces. This is because it not only ensures that the open space is filled up and being used, but it also brings in potential customers in the form of those who work in the offices and will want to go out shopping in their lunch break.  

Store it

If you have an ample retail space that needs repurposing, then one great idea for it is to turn it into self-storage. These units are easy enough to set up and run, with minimal set-up needs, like a good retail security company, like the one at and some basic marketing, but they are also a lucrative money maker too. Both commercial customers and the general public can use self-storage units, which means you will have a good stream of customers.  

If you have an empty retail space, you don’t have to give up on it and leave it vacant. You might not always be able to bring in a new store to use the space, but you can repurpose it. There are many different ways to repurpose your retail units and breathe new life into them.