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Retail industry left on the shelf when it comes to storage

A survey by ShelvingDirect, spanning retail, education, manufacturing and professional industries, shows that its retail workers suffer most from inadequate storage facilities.

The survey, carried out by storage specialists ShelvingDirect, saw 67% of retail workers describe the quality of shelving in stockrooms and warehouses as below average. This was compared with 60% in education, 57% in professional services and 47% in manufacturing.

A number of those surveyed, also claimed to have had a recent storage-related problem at work, making it evident that as an industry the retail sector, which regularly deals with high volumes of stock, are often unable to store their products efficiently.

William White, managing director of ShelvingDirect, said: “High-quality shelving and storage is an important part of any retail business, so it’s alarming that so many shop workers should rate their storage facilities as being poor as this will inevitably effect fulfilment and ultimately profitability.”

“To improve standards, businesses may want to look at bespoke shelving – fitting their warehouses and stock rooms with storage solutions specifically designed to fit their needs and the space available.”

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