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There’s a new shopping behaviour; welcome the (s)hoppers

Research from SalesGossip, the fashion and beauty mobile app and web service, proves shopping behaviours have changed.

Data on browsing trends are clearly showing shoppers are increasingly channel agnostic and continuously move from mobile, to tablets to desktop and bricks & mortar shops to browse, search, discover and shop.  SalesGossip’s one million users are the perfect example of today’s new (s)hoppers’s behaviour. Shoppers increasingly expect a level of integration between their online, mobile and in store experiences but  have become channel agnostic and hop from digital to physical and back to digital as it’s convenient and benefits them. At SalesGossip, we’ve christened this new shopping tribe, the (s)hoppers.

For example, we already know that 66% of SalesGossip members proactively use the site to find in store promotions suggesting they are not hard and fast online-only shoppers. Additionally, SalesGossip can report that 55% of its members use at least two different types of devices to browse and shop. Just like how they shop, how they access information is about convenience at a certain point in time. Furthermore, mobile traffic is growing 50% faster than web traffic.

Elizabetta Camilleri, Co-Founder and CEO of SalesGossip comments: “There is only one category of shopper; you cannot split them into online shoppers and in store shoppers anymore; everyone is on the new digital to physical spectrum. The rise of smartphones and e-commerce platforms has allowed shopper behaviour to evolve and now, we can clearly see our shoppers moving between digital and physical channels depending on what’s most convenient for them at any point in time.”

Delving into the behaviours of its one million members, one trend became clear and that was the growth of mobile. Over the last year, SalesGossip has noted an increase of 44% in the number of mobile transactions from 12% in 2013 to 18% in 2014.

So popular is mobile with these new (s)hoppers, that in 2015 so far, mobile represents 20%  of purchases made via all SalesGossip channels. In comparison, mobile accounted for just 5% of purchases only two years ago.

In addition, SalesGossip’s data shows a 27% year-on-year increase in click-through rates from mobile, from 13% in 2013 to 17% in 2014, more than double the increase from web, illustrating shoppers aren’t just opening and reading emails on their mobile phones; they’re also clicking through to retailer websites to browse and shop. A huge opportunity for retailers with websites optimised for mobile.

Talking about the growth of mobile in the retail sector, Camilleri said: “With consumers increasingly embracing mobile to browse, search and shop, it’s an incredibly exciting time for the industry  But it’s important to note that it is just one part of the omni-channel experience; mobile is not a magic bullet.”

Camilleri continues: “These new (s)hoppers span all the new and traditional channels so covering off every touch point as never been so important to retailers. (S)hoppers expect to easily find location information on any digital device they are using or a trip to that store might simply not happen. They expect to find online what they saw in store; they expect to find in store what they saw in a magazine or whilst browsing on their tablets. A joined up communication strategy covering all touch points is essential in targeting this new breed. (S)hoppers have far from abandoned the high street but they’ve likely done their research before reaching the store and so their expectations are simply different, and higher, than the window shoppers who came before them. Retailers are starting to understand this and cater to these expectations will receive their cash and loyalty in return.”

With non-UK members accounting for 25% of its traffic/membership base, these new (S)hoppers are a global rather than UK-only phenomenon.

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