Tips for becoming a Beautician

Being a beautician is a dream job for many people. If you have a passion for wellbeing and beauty, good manners with customers and want to help people to feel their best, becoming a beautician may just be your calling.

What is a Beautician?

A beauty therapist is an expert in face and body care who gives various treatments to their clients, anything from facials, to body massage, to laser hair removal. A beautician needs to have a practical and theoretical understanding of the body and the treatments they are using. Becoming a beautician takes a lot of training and teaching.

Beauticians can be self-employed therapists or work as employees for a salon. Generally, employees will have more experience using a wide range of expensive and bulky equipment, whereas a self-employed beautician will be more of a specialist in one area.

How to become a Beautician

Becoming a beautician is a truly interesting career route and there is no correct or wrong way to go about it and although you may need a small loan to buy some equipment when starting (source: Kallyss), if you get things right, there is no reason why you won’t thrive. However, there are things you can do to get started on the journey towards becoming a beautician.

Do your research

Before you commit to a career in beauty, do your research. Look into how the beauty industry functions, what treatments are currently available, the costs and prices of treatment and equipment, what are the current trends in the beauty industry? Look into everything you can and talk to other beauticians in the field. Consider doing your own research on treatments that are currently very popular – look into laser hair removal, light therapy and new trends in treatments.



A good beautician will specialise in a field and become an expert in that field. Consider what treatments fit your current areas of skills and what is in high demand in your area. Specialising in a field like laser hair removal services could be a very good choice, as treatments are in high demand and can be very profitable. Having a higher level of training in one specific area will make you much more attractive to clients and employers.

Look for courses or apprenticeships

Find a course that will teach you about your preferred area of specialism. As a beautician you should always be updating your practice, learning new techniques and new treatments to keep up with your competition and please your customers. If you are just starting out, an apprenticeship can be a great option as it will give you lots of opportunities to learn from experienced beauticians and learn practically on the job.

Learn from others

A good beautician will be able to work as part of a team and especially if you are just starting you must be willing to learn from those around you. While you are learning from your teacher, consider doing some learning outside of class.

This level of commitment will really set you apart from your competition. Even doing research on YouTube can be very educational, so search for good channels to learn from. While you are learning and building your knowledge try to find someone you can practice on, a friend or family member. Just don’t try anything too risky without the proper training and professional supervision.