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Help your staff come across as more personable

staffNot all staff occupy the same role. This is perhaps the most obvious statement you could ever make about business, maybe only dethroned by suggesting that a business is often interested in ways to make money. But this first statement is a little more complex than it can seem at first glance.

This is especially true when considering staff as brand ambassadors. Not only might a staff member have many roles and functions within your storefront or hospitable environment, but they also need to function as a first point of contact for every potential customer.

This is an important thing to keep in mind. It not only helps you consider the best means to train your staff, but also to help them come across as more personable. Thankfully, this needn’t be a difficult task, and you also needn’t hire the most charming individuals with natural wit, humor and a range of other given personality traits to solve this. Consider our advice, and you’re sure to see success:

Allow their personality to shine through

You needn’t have to hire a perfect person to help your staff seem approachable and trustworthy. You simply need to allow whatever personality they have to shine through to begin with. Do not make them ‘stick to a script’ or have to recite some odd greeting or thank you in line with your latest promotion. Just let them be a person. Of course, ensure that they aren’t using profanity, or disparaging the workplace, or getting overly friendly with your customers. This should be obvious, but can sometimes use a little enforcement. However, encouraging their personality to shine through, allowing them to share a joke, this should all be part of human discourse and is important that you allow your staff to understand this.

Dress them appropriately

Smart casual is often a great means to help your staff stand out, but you may also wish for this to serve more of a purpose. You need customers to distinguish between staff members and other members of the public, and so the use of personalised hoodies can bring everything down to a personal and caring level, while also advertising a promotion on the back. This can help them open a dialogue, while also remaining professional and courteous.

Name tags

You’d be surprised just how much a name tag can help staff seem more approproachable. It puts a face to the name. You may wish to withdraw the use of these implements, but if so, encourage your staff give their name before any longform communication with a customer takes place. This can help you keep things on warm mutual level and will allow your customers to feel listened to and cared for ahead of time. It only takes a moment to achieve, but it can be truly and thoroughly helpful to the discourse.

With this advice, we hope your staff enjoy their work more appropriately, and the interactions they have are more productive and warm.