Unlocking Student Discounts: Retail Secrets Every Student Should Know

It’s hard to find something as inspiring and fun as getting all of the secret student discounts discovered and using them to one’s heart content. Still, far not every student these days know where to look and often misses an opportunity to purchase trending clothing items, video games gear, or basically anything for that matter. Retail field is always changing because the most important force that drives it is the flexibility. As a student, you must get creative and think of not only the sales but the little tricks that will help you avoid paying the full price or even receive a discount where it is not present officially due to the timing and design challenges!

Use Student Discounts Cards

If you are a student enrolled in a university or college in the United Kingdom, you are officially entitled to certain student discounts related to the retail sector. The National Union of Students recommends purchasing a card called TOTUM that is also supported by the NUS app. It’s a special student discount card that can prove your age, belonging to a certain campus, and even social security data. 

While far not every retail shop will support it, you should always ask for a special student discount and use TOTUM as a verification card. As you have to pay, the cashier will simply reduce the final amount according to the discount they can provide you with. Retail shops like H&M won’t provide an official discount, yet they have special campaigns aimed at students where you can get 20% off, so having your student’s ID or a card will always help!

Student Discounts

Retail Secrets Every Student Should Know

The Price Match Trick

While it may not always work for you, it is still possible to get the lowest price! You only have to find an item and show that a reputable competitor has it for less. Provide a proof of another retail store and ask for a price match as you look online or show it in your smartphone. If the website of the store you are in lists the same item with a lower price, you also have a right to ask for a special discount or just to get the price matched.

The Floor Price Aspect

When you see the price on a shelf or a discount stand nearby, it may not always be current! The discounts are so popular that store staff simply does not cope with all the changes. If you come across something on promotion, check up with the current price at the register and you will be surprised to learn that it does come with a significant discount.

It only takes time to find what you need and even ask about past discounts and new collections. If time is an issue because of all the homework woes, essays help online should be your best and legit solution. When you do not have to worry about academic life and go shopping, it always makes the world of difference as your analytical skills kick in! 

Bulky Items and Storage

It is one of those things that you will not usually hear unless you work in the retail field. The thing is that the bulky items are those that take the most space. Regardless if it’s the puffy winter jacket or a huge gaming monitor, it always takes a lot of space. Most retail stores will be happy to get rid of it, which is why you may ask for a discount or come across it just naturally.

The stores will be happy to get rid of it, especially if it did not sell for quite a while. If you are interested in similar tricks or would like to start something as a student, these retail business ideas will help you to make the most profit and see how to avoid the risks. Even if the talk goes the digital sales, it’s still about the storage, so give it a thought! 

Use Communication Skills

As a student, you may be rejected as you ask for a student discount, yet do not give up. Simply ask under what circumstances you could get a discount for a particular item. It can be just your respect and care that does the trick or you may have to purchase two items for the price of one. In certain cases, you will be offered a floor or a display model with up to 70% discount. 

Final Thoughts

Navigating the retail world as a student can be both challenging and rewarding. Discovering and utilizing student discounts can significantly lighten the financial burden and provide access to trendy clothing, video games gear, and various other items. The key lies in being resourceful and creative in finding ways to save money.

As a student, mastering these retail tricks can help you make smart purchases, and enjoy a fulfilling shopping experience. By staying informed, resourceful, and open to opportunities, you can make the most of your student status and turn retail therapy into an affordable and enjoyable venture.


Diane Sherron loves studying the world of retail business through the lens of education. As an analyst and student advisor, she is constantly looking for helpful tips and tricks. Follow Diane to learn more about the world of retail and learn how to survive through the academic challenges.