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uSamp introduces new market research technology

Market research technology company uSamp has announced the Concept Test in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. This follows a successful launch in the United States earlier in 2014. is an easy-to-use platform that lets brand managers and retailers quickly and simply test product concepts using high-quality online market research panels, this technology gives them fast, accurate and detailed feedback as part of the product development process. Concept Test compiles top scores for purchase intent, consumer need, differentiation and perceived value to provide companies and retailers with an accurate picture of interest in the concept and the likelihood of market success. Brand managers can evaluate new concepts by testing over 80 different product attributes, adding customised questions depending on their research needs. Detailed results are quickly captured in an intuitive dashboard ready for use in planning activities.

Ben Leet, uSamp’s managing director for Europe, said: “ Concept Test has already seen significant success in the FMCG space in the United States, proving that there is industry demand for a fast and reliable alternative for early stage concept testing. Bringing this platform to European markets enables us to help clients speed up their new product development processes on a more global level.”

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