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Using exhibition graphics to make your event stand out

Attending an exhibition or trade show to help promote your business could be very beneficial. It is a great opportunity to make a statement and showcase your business’ advantages over competitors.

If you have decided to take your business to such an event, you need to ensure that your stand looks its absolute best if you want to reap the benefits. Experiencing a successful exhibition could be partly due to the design and graphics, as well as the right staff and the right message to reach out to both existing and new clients. But what graphics do you need to make a statement at your next exhibition?

What can you use for exhibition graphics?

Depending on what design you want to achieve for your exhibition stand, there are various graphics you can use to ensure your business looks appealing and draws in some attention. Modular and portable exhibition stands are a very popular choice as they can be incredibly effective and look impressive. They are flexible and versatile, often with a choice of finishes and styles.

Banners are also a great choice that can make a great impact in a variety of locations. Advertising your business in this way can put your ideas on display in the best possible way and they are a very durable solution.

You can transform your exhibition space by using a freestanding fabric wall. Easy to install, these walls can have a great effect in getting across your message in the best way. You can even accessorise with magnetic fixtures and are effortless to put up and take down.

You may want to invest in brochures and leaflets so that your potential customers have something to take away after the event; they are a great element to your direct marketing campaign and it provides you with some material for anyone who is interested in your business.

Why do you need exhibition graphics?

At an exhibition or similar trade show event, you are competing with many other similar businesses to try and grab the attention of new customers. Graphics can help set your stand apart from the one next to it and encourage people to take a look at what you have to offer.

Customers attending exhibitions generally come willing to listen and ask questions; making sure your company’s image is on point is very important if you want those customers to do a double take when they reach you. The quality of your exhibition stand could be a direct reflection on the quality of your product or service; your exhibition graphics might be the first impression people receive of your business.

Your exhibition stand essentially create a visual story to let attendees what you are all about. Through effective graphics you can hit them with your main message straight away, with display material that flows and creates an interactive element with anyone who stops by.

Benefits of attending an exhibition

Taking your business to an exhibition can have many benefits; you have the opportunity to build relationships and meet key people from your industry. Likewise, you can maximise your presence and get your name known a little better. It can be a great opportunity to build on your brand on a more personal level, as opposed to sending out direct mail.

Being at an exhibition could even be a great way to generate sales and therefore increase profit, by being accessible to a large audience of people who are probably already interested in your industry. An exhibition is also a great way to launch a new product or service.

If you’re looking for exhibition graphics solutions for your next show, Cestrian can offer a wide range of high quality graphics for events and exhibitions.

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