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Voisins unveils stunning fashion showcase

Following the completion of its revamped beauty department, Voisins, Jersey’s premiere department store, has today opened the doors on the latest phase in its evolution – the modernisation of its womenswear department.

Playing on a hexagonal design motif the new premium fashion department, presents a contemporary canvas and dynamic space that can flex as the brand landscape evolves over time.

Created in collaboration with retail design consultancy, Umbrella, the emphasis is on inspiring exploration from flooring to ceiling:

A bespoke linear lighting feature draws shoppers up the curved staircase and into the department. From the ground floor, floating deconstructed hexagons lead shoppers up the stairs. The suspended forms gradually become more complete as shoppers ascend into the department.

A combination of feature and directional lighting mixes form and function. The directional lighting works hard to create a perfect light level for product display whilst the new suspended light fittings create a striking diagonal effect across the fashion floor, drawing the customer through the department from brand to brand.

A bespoke metal framework has been created to sit within the hexagonal floor plan concept. This display offers merchandise opportunities allowing brands to individually curate their products, encouraging them to build a story around the display. The use of graphics and signage within this framework allows Voisins own branding to blend effortlessly with other fashion lines within the department.

The merchandising screens help to create semi-enclosed areas that generate interest and intrigue, as shoppers move through the department.

Bolon flooring, sourced from Sweden reinforces the hexagonal concept through the department. Tying together all the design elements, the floor finish adds subtlety and softness of tone and texture through the weave-in material. This results in a striking 3D visual effect that unites flexibility and practicality.

The fixtures are set against a backdrop of greys, whites, brushed aluminium and mirrored finishes to present a premium space that forms an exquisite backdrop for each brand environment.

“In today’s ultra competitive retail sector, department stores must consistently reinvent themselves to remain relevant to loyal customers and inspire interest from our next generation of consumers,” said David Elliott, Business Development Director, Voisins. “The new womenswear department does just that. It offers a modern shopping space that delivers a stunning showcase for our family of premium fashion brands and an exciting environment for shoppers.”

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