What Can We Expect From Samsung In 2023?

Samsung is a Japanese company that is considered one of the most capable in home appliances, as well as one of the leaders in cell phone sales. Year after year it brings us news, and the year 2023 seems to be no exception.

At the CES2023 conference, Samsung seemed to show off its booth in the various areas of the company. It indicated each of the benefits that will be available for the year 2023 and how these can greatly improve the lives of its loyal users.

The market always changes. Samsung tends to be at the forefront but even the swing of the market can catch them by surprise. For instance, the growth of mobile gaming could be an area Samsung looks to challenge the pre-eminent figures of Razer. Online casino operators optimize their bonanza slot games for the leading hardware, ready to push their games to the next level. However, they also want to establish new games and new services, and to do so while embracing new technologies. Can Samsung rise to the task?

Without further ado, this article will seek to highlight Samsung’s most striking initiatives for 2023. From its new green strategy to the newest devices that will be added to the market, here is a list of what you should take into account.


Conscience And Ecology: A New Campaign To Save The World

Last year around September, Samsung announced its intention to start fighting the global climate crisis by developing technologies that produce less harmful emissions to the environment.

Among these technologies seemed to be announced semi-conductors that consume much less than their counterparts as well as creating environmentally friendly and biodegradable products. Finally, the company’s mission is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

The first thing we can expect this year is to know the measures it is taking to combat climate change, where ecological initiatives are presented that seek to improve the company while reducing carbon emissions.

Accessible Technologies For All: Relumino

Samsung has shown to be aware of those people who cannot enjoy their devices by normal means. Therefore this year 2023 has just announced a proprietary technology for those who have vision problems known as Relumino.

This technology is scheduled to arrive for the first time on Samsung TVs in the year 2023 and will mean a big step for the future to place more accessibility technologies within different products that need the vision to be used.

Increased Artificial Intelligence Within Their Products

Samsung seems not to want to be left behind in the era of artificial intelligence, starting to consider its use in different devices of the company. CES2023 shows us how this technology is used within televisions in its Auto caption position function.

These subtitles, in addition to being automatic for programs or movies broadcast on the TV, also take advantage of artificial intelligence to be positioned so that they do not obstruct the view of any important data that we may want to see on the screen.

Although the technology does not appear to be a breakthrough, it clearly shows that AI is starting to be used and will represent a big change in our lives.

Smartthings, Samsung’s New Electronic Ecosystem

As we all know, SmartThings represents a home platform that connects an entire home. This ends up making it possible for you to configure your devices to perform various functions at certain times of the day.

However, for the year 2023, there seem to be innovations within these functions, such as the creation of an ecosystem of devices and appliances that when connected can be monitored and programmed to perform tasks more simply through voice commands and artificial intelligence.

Is There Any Other News For 2023 At Samsung?

In addition to those already mentioned in the previous titles, it seems that Samsung has taken the year 2023 to fill the world with new surprises. In addition to the plethora of eco-friendly technologies and connectivity, Samsung seems to not skimp on new devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 saga of phones looks set to hit the market early this year, which possess innovative features such as its camera and wireless charging capability.

In addition to this, we may also see new technologies in TVs and other devices. However, to know more about them, we have to wait for their release next year.