What Supermarkets Accept One4All Cards

Cards that can only be spent at a specific store are usually called gift cards, as they make good gifts for individuals who enjoy going to a certain brand or retail store. Most stores have their own cards which will let customers who have in-store credit buy almost anything they want, as long as they have enough credit for it.

Supermarkets are no exception to this. Stores like Asda and Sainsbury’s have gift cards that customers could use to put towards a weekly shop. The one downside is that these cards can only be used for the company they are designed for. What if there were a card that could be used for multiple different brands?

What Are One4All Cards?

One4All cards are gift cards that can be used across multiple big-name brand retailers and restaurants. This can give the customer a wide variety to choose from if they struggle to find a certain store they like. It also means that the cards can be used more freely. If a customer might happen to visit a store or restaurant that accepts the card, then they could use that instead.

One4All prides itself on being a versatile card on being a more personalised card that is perfect as a gift.

One4All Cards

Where Can I Find One4All Cards?

You can buy them online from their website. One4All cards can also be found at most major retailers and supermarkets. Stores that sell One4All Gift Cards include:

  • Asda
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Tesco
  • Co-Op
  • Morrisons

These stores all keep One4All gift cards, among other cards. They can also be found at the Post Office. While these stores sell One4All cards, they can’t be used there. So, what Supermarkets can use them?

Which Supermarkets Take One4All?

Not many supermarkets accept One4All. Supermarkets tend to have their own cards that can be used. The cards feel like they are meant to be spent on something special as a gift or a treat. In this regard, M&S is the main supermarket listed that will take the card.

However, certain parts of supermarkets will still accept One4All cards. Sainsbury’s stores are partnered with Argos, and some Sainsbury’s stores have a section dedicated to Argos. Argos is a great choice to spend a gift card as it has lots of options.

As long as you purchase something within Argos, and it is something from within their store, then you can use the card there, even if it’s inside Sainsbury’s.

Likewise, Waitrose is partnered with John Lewis, and some Waitrose stores have a section dedicated to John Lewis. One4All cards can be used at John Lewis, so feel free to find something special at these stores to treat yourself.

One4All gift cards have a massive variety of stores and restaurants to choose from. They also have ‘favourites’ cards that can be used at fewer brands but are meant to be more personalised.

While the cards can’t be used at Supermarkets, besides M&S, they still have a huge range of stores to choose from, and if you have either a Sainsbury’s partnered with Argos, or a Waitrose partnered with John Lewis, then you will still be able to find some use within those stores.

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