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Why your company should be offering delivery

As people continue to move toward a more “digital approach” for their shopping and expect to be able to buy everything they want online, businesses need to be able to meet this demand. 

Offering a delivery service is now an essential part of owning a business and here are some reasons why it’s vital for you to be doing so.

You get a bigger reach

If you can offer delivery, it means that you are no longer relying on local people to give you custom, if you want to, you can expand your business globally as long as you can offer international shopping. Many customers prefer the option of delivery as it is comfortable and convenient for them, making it a win-win situation; the customer is satisfied with the service and the business increases its revenue.

It increases sales

Having a more significant reach, along with an increase in customer satisfaction and punctuality, will most often guarantee more sales for your business.

Your customers want it – Now

Consumers today are an impatient bunch and are now used to on-demand services like Uber, Netflix and TaskRabbit. Shoppers want fast, affordable and traceable delivery services. A recent survey by Temado revealed that 97 per cent of consumers wants to be able to follow the progress of their delivery in real-time, and 61 per cent “want one-hour to three-hour shipping options“.

On-demand delivery services are affordable

You could either get yourself a company van from The Good Van Company or you could collaborate with an on-demand delivery service such as ParcelPal or Fetchit so that you can focus on what you’re good at and leave the delivery to the professionals too. 

The sharing economy is good for the local economy

Teaming up with a delivery company to give your customers the best service is one way to connect more with your customers. It is also great for the economy as these delivery companies provide attractive, living-wage employment opportunities for everyone from students to older adults and they give people the flexibility to work when they want, how they want – they can make their deliveries on foot, by bike, using public transit or in their own vehicles. 

Your competitors will be doing it

If your competitors aren’t already providing delivery to their customers, they soon will be. Consumers today don’t buy into the ‘brand loyalty’ like they used to, so if you’re not providing them with the products and services they want, when they want them, they’ll find someone else that will. Offering delivery can actually be very simple, cost-effective, and it’s excellent for you, and your community.