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Give your customers an excellent in-store shopping experience every time

customersRetail stores are finding it harder than ever to be successful. These days, customers can make a purchase at the click of a button in the comfort of their own home and have it delivered straight to their front door within twenty-four hours, sooner in some cases.

A retail store really has to prove itself now – the customer has to make much more of an effort to leave the house, drive to your store, park (which often they have to pay to do) and physically walk around a store before loading their purchases into a car – if it fits – and taking it home. Why would they go to that hassle unless they could guarantee customers an excellent shopping experience?

As a retail store in this economic climate, you really have to ensure that you are offering your customers the very best experience possible from the very moment they walk in. This involves raising your standards and expectations and making sure that your employees are doing the same. As the front of house staff, they are the people that your customers will interact with and represent your business, so it is essential that you make them aware of the importance of excellent customer service. Here, we look at a couple of ways of making sure your customers leave your store satisfied every single time.

Keep it spotless

First impressions always count, so make sure your store is spotlessly clean and tidy at all times. Make sure your car park is clean and free of litter, and if you offer trolleys or baskets, that they are always readily available. Keep the front windows sparkling clean and consider rubber matting by the door to stop mud and dirt coming through the store. Keeping a store clean is a massive job, so it may be worth hiring someone to do this.

Not only should your store look clean and tidy, but so should your employees. A uniform or a dress code always looks smart, and do not allow chewing gum or food on the shop floor. Nothing is more off-putting to customers than a member of staff chomping away on gum while they are talking!

Keep your processes organized

In a retail environment, there are all sorts of processes running at the same time, and if they are not properly organized, you run the risk of annoying your customers. Keep your inventory up to date with regular stock checks or an automated system. If you organize collections, make sure that you have a designated area for the orders to be held so that you don’t have someone running around looking for something while a customer is waiting and streamline your refund and exchange process. There will always be issues with things, but it is how you deal with them that is important.

By doing the above things, you will make the process of in-store shopping a lot more comfortable for your customers and will encourage them to return time and time again.