5 tips to create a great e-commerce website

What you should consider when building an e-commerce website for your product?

The world of online shopping is a competitive market, and when it comes to e-commerce it is important that you stand out from your competition.

So what can help get valuable customers to your website, and retain them long enough to make a sale?

1. Usability testing

UX testing is a buzz word in the world of online web design at the moment, and for good reason. Ask a selection of your target audience to make test purchases and give honest feedback. It ensures your customers are able to navigate your website with ease, and can find exactly what they are looking for.

2. Clear navigation

Having uncomplicated navigation is vital to allow your customers to find the products you have available. Online office furniture suppliers, Office Furniture Scene are a good example of how simple navigation can be integrated into an e-commerce site.

3. Speedy loading times

Whilst important, the look of your website isn’t the only factor to consider. Ensure you have fast loading speeds, customers tire quickly waiting for products and image to load, and will leave your site before you have a chance showcase your goods.

4. Enlist a professional

Whilst there are templates available to build e-commerce sites, instead consider using a digital marketing agency to ensure your branding reflects you in a positive light. With carefully planned marketing strategies, your website will perform well in search and you PPC and social media delivers conversions.

5. Showcase your products

Don’t scrimp on your product photographer. Great images sell, so make sure your images show your products in their very best light. For higher value items consider video or 360 degree photography to bring your products to life.