BT and OneHydra to offer improved SEO for multi-channel retailers

BT Expedite, BT’s retail specialists announced today that it will be working with OneHydra, search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists for e-commerce, to provide enhanced capabilities for retailers on BT Expedite’s e-commerce platform.

With this partnership, retailers on BT Expedite’s service-led e-commerce platform will be able to use OneHydra’s SEO solution to help deliver a seamless experience to customers and enhance their brand equity. Retailers will also be able to ensure that shoppers enjoy the same level of satisfaction across multiple platforms, including mobile and desktop devices.

Asif Khetani, director of e-commerce at BT Expedite, said: “Retailers have traditionally found it challenging to manually implement recommendations from SEO agencies and optimise page content themselves. Resource pressures and competing priorities often result in SEO strategies being compromised. This is amplified for retailers with large product catalogues.”

“By joining forces with OneHydra, we are able to help online retailers proactively tackle and enhance SEO activities. Integrating OneHydra’s solution directly into the BT Expedite platform will enable us to dynamically optimise content site-wide, yet simultaneously providing clients with total control over their pages and keywords.

“Our partnership with OneHydra represents a fundamental change in our approach towards delivering innovation through a technology partners’ ecosystem. By integrating with best-in-breed solutions, we are now ideally placed to help retailers grow their online revenues in the most cost effective way.”

Warren Cowan, CEO and founder of OneHydra, said: “OneHydra dynamically adjusts our clients’ website structure and content to align with the products their customers are looking for.  It does this by analysing the language people are using to search for products in the search engines and comparing that with website content. OneHydra is then able to recommend and automatically generate new pages ready for publishing, with the relevant products displayed, according to the ever changing landscape of our clients’ market.”

“It is always exciting to work with other third party technology partners to help customers achieve their business goals. This partnership with BT Expedite will enhance the online customer experience across the board, improving not only the look and feel of retailers’ website but its performance as well. By taking this approach, we are putting retailers in the best state to position themselves for ongoing success.”

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