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Creating a successful Christmas ad

Analysis by Millward Brown of Christmas ads for 2014 highlights three keys to success for creating a successful Christmas ad.

A successful Christmas ad drives sales and builds brands. Here are three key tips to create a successful Christmas advert:

  • Give the brand the starring role – The ad should communicate key messages which link back to the brand’s longer-term objectives.
  • Be authentic – Whether connecting with consumers on an emotional level or conducting a very transparent taste test, the advertising has greater believability and relevance when creativity is closely aligned in a genuine way with the brand’s personality and values.
  • There are many ways to engage consumers – Despite their contrasting approaches audiences find enjoyment from most Christmas ads, whether they are brand or story-driven.

Amanda Phillips, head of marketing at Millward Brown says: “The ads which win at Christmas are those that stand out and cut through the festive noise. While the ‘hype’ surrounding an ad might help salience, making the brand front of mind with consumers, this will only translate to sales if the brand is also meaningful to consumers – and this meaning comes through in the ad.”

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