Differences Between Log Homes & Log Cabins

People often think that log homes and log cabins are more or less the same. Tomato tomato, right? Not exactly, even though the two may share some common qualities there are a few elements that set them apart from each other. So, Log homes vs log cabins, rustic charm vs modern style log cabins, which is better?

Whether it’s a log cabin or a log home, both property types are constructed using horizontal logs and both can have the unique aesthetic appeal of log housing. In this article you are going to find out what the main differences between log homes and log cabins are.

Key Factors

There are some key factors that differentiate between log homes and log cabins which we are going to be using to set them apart in this article:

  • Size – The average recognized size of the property
  • Purpose – What is the primary or main purpose that the log house was built for
  • Features – Features of the log house such as the design and basic amenities.

log cabin

Log Homes

As previously mentioned, there are a few elements that set log homes apart from log cabins. First of all, log homes tend to be bigger and more spacious than log cabins. Additionally, as the name suggests, log homes are often built for the purpose of being the owner’s permanent residence and housing.

Since log homes require a bigger space to be built on, it is important to pick the right space, such as an open space in woodland, unless you have one predetermined. An open space in woodland is simply a piece of land that is underdeveloped and doesn’t have any modern structures built on it. 

Furthermore, an open space can be either natural or manmade. In either case, it is crucial that you manage the open space you choose efficiently and with careful consideration of the wildlife in the area.

Log Cabins

Log cabins on the other hand tend to be smaller in size in comparison to log homes. That being said, log cabins are often built for the purpose of being a secondary recreational property. Therefore, they may lack some of the necessary elements of a permanent home such as running water.

The concept of a cabin in the woods has vastly grown in popularity all over the world in recent years. I mean who doesn’t want a charming peaceful cabin in the midst of nature to get away from everything every now and then?

 As a result, there are many modern versions of log cabins that have made the process of building them much easier and faster than it once was.

Why Would You Build Wooden Summer/Winter Houses?

There are countless reasons as to why you may want to build your own log home or cabin. However, we have narrowed it down to 5 main reasons why we believe wooden houses are worth the time and effort:

  1. Their aesthetic appeal – Whether you choose to go for an old school or modern style cabin, you cannot beat the charm, elegance, and appeal of log homes and cabins.
  2. They are durable – Wooden houses are surprisingly durable when compared to modern structures or conventional housing with some log homes and cabins standing strong through rough weather conditions and external factors for hundreds of years to this day!
  3. Peace of mind – Due to the nature of log cabins and homes, they provide you with great tranquility and the peace of mind of being away from the noise and troubles of urban life.
  4. Logs are great insulators – Wood is a great insulator when it comes to both heat and noise; which means wooden houses give you the quite you may need while being energy efficient at the same time by retaining heat.
  5. They are flexible – Log homes and cabins can be built just the way you like. Their design can be as modern as you need it to be. Also, they can accommodate as much technology and luxury as you deem necessary.


In summary, there are a few elements that can be used to differentiate between log homes and log cabins with both being a great alternative to boring old conventional properties. After all, building your own wooden property is no longer the same tedious and demanding task it once was.

The only thing left for you to decide is how you want your log cabin or home to be and how you are planning to use it. So, which do you prefer? Do you want to build a permanent residence log home or a more conventional secondary property log cabin?