Simple ideas for your new home

Getting started in your new home and making it your own

Your very first home is a major accomplishment, and it gives you space that is all your own. Whether you were living with family, or in a shared house, having your own personal space is much needed. Making this space all your own can add your individual flair and really make it feel like home. Anything from the furniture to the flooring and curtains can change in your new home.

Decorate your home and garden to your own tastes with these simple tips!

Room layouts and furniture

Before you should start any step, you need to work your room layouts out. Where things will go, how big they will be, all of this matters. You should measure out your rooms so you know exactly how much space you will have. Finding the perfect couch only for it to be too large can ruin the layout of a room. Worse yet, it might not even fit. So that’s why you need to have a plan before you start buying furniture.

The next step is spending time exploring what is available. From the living room to the bedroom, you have a lot to choose from. Stores like John Lewis provide everything from mattresses to cabinets, so you can find exactly what is right for your new home.

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Light can open up your space

Lighting is always very important for any space, especially your home. You don’t want it too bright or to dim, and it needs to be easy on the eyes. Natural light is also absolutely needed for your home, it will really make your feel better having as much natural light as possible. Use windows and curtains to get as much natural light as you can and see how your home changes.

Create a welcoming front garden

In retail and hospitality, it is often said that the customer’s journey beings at the storefront. It is also true that your home begins with the garden. A bright, vibrant, welcoming can really elevate the look and feel of your home. Invest in plants, flowers, and shrubbery. If you have a bit of a green thumb, you could even design your garden by season.


When it comes to decorating your walls, you might find it tempting to choose bright and vivid colours. It might make your new home feel more individual and creative, but you might find yourself growing tired of it quite soon. This could be awful if you aren’t then able to change it easily. You might find it simpler and better for the feel of your home to use lighter, more subtle colours. A shade of white or blue can really liven up a room while remaining easy on the eyes and tasteful.

The ceiling

If you still want to add some flare to your new home, then you should definitely consider decorating the ceiling. Adding some decoration or paint to your ceiling can help brighten up a room and give it the illusion of being a larger space. Make sure the colour fits into your colour scheme and doesn’t clash. Make it compliment your home, you could even consider adding in some extra design.