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Driver shortage for Christmas

Online Christmas retail could be hit hard due to a severe driver shortage warns leading logistics and resources provider, Clarico.

The recruitment and logistics business provides businesses with the vehicles they require to run their logistics operations, along with manpower to operate the vehicles and man warehouses. They predict a driver shortage this Christmas.

The logistics sector is fundamental to the UK’s economy, especially in the run up to Christmas. Following the UK’s economic up-turn this year it is predicted that more will be spent online during the festive period than ever before, putting a huge amount of pressure on the logistics industry to maintain stock levels and meet pre-Christmas delivery deadlines.

Mark Livsey, director of Clarico, explained: “Online shopping continues to grow year on year, meaning more goods will be delivered this year than ever before. Christmas gifts are not delivered to our doors by magic. The shortage of drivers to move goods from manufacturer to warehouse, warehouse to store and deliver to our doors in time for Christmas highlights an on-going and worsening problem.”

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