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Five reasons a Corian sign is right for your business

If you are interested in buying a business sign for the first time or you are just looking to update your existing sign, you might not have considered Corian yet.

While options such as plastic, wood, and natural stone are all very popular choices for business signs, Corian is fast becoming a favourite due to its great range of benefits.

Your business sign is often an undervalued aspect of business marketing. In terms of other forms of traditional marketing, your sign is relatively low cost and permanent addition to your premises.

Corian is a solid surface material – this is a man-made material that utilises a number of different natural minerals, polyester resins, and pigments. The result is a truly stunning material that can be utilised for a huge range of uses. Here we take a look at five key reasons that your business would benefit from a Corian sign.

1. A stunning look at a great price

One of the major advantages of choosing a Corian sign is that it provides a truly stunning appearance that is significantly cheaper than you could expect for a similarly attractive sign. Using natural stone is a popular choice because of its prestige and striking looks, but it can work out to be a very expensive final cost. Corian allows you to achieve a similar look without the extremely high price point.

If you are looking for a sign that looks fantastic but that won’t break the bank Corian is available in a wide range of colours and styles. This means that you can get a sign that suits your organisation or even matches your brand colours.

2. A fantastic first impression for clients and customers

It is always vital to start any relationship with potential customers or clients in the right way – and this means that you need to create a fantastic first impression. When someone is visiting your business premises for the first time, one of the ways that they will recognise your business is through your sign, so it is essential that it is high quality and recognisably yours.

Corian signs offer a prestigious and sophisticated look that sends off the right signals to anyone visiting your business – you are a serious organisation that takes pride in itself. Remember you only have one chance to make a first impression, so it had better be a good one.

3. A flexible range of design options

It is often thought that stone, wood, and other natural materials make for the most impressive and stylish signs, while it is on plastic and other man-made options that you can get the design that matches your branding. Traditionally, then, you would need to make a choice between the sign that shows off your brand in the right way and a sign with a striking visual appearance.

With Corian signs, however, you are essentially getting the best of both worlds. Not only do these signs look fantastic at the front of any organisation’s premises, but they can also be created in a surprising array of design options. There is a wide range of Corian styles to choose from, ranging from stone-effect to brighter and bolder colours.

4. A hard-wearing choice

Another huge advantage of choosing Corian for your sign is that this is a material that is extremely hard-wearing and durable. This means that no matter what kind of weather you face; your sign is going to remain to look smart and prestigious throughout. This is a sign that is going to be with your business for a very long time, so it always offers significant value for money.

5. An extremely fade-resistant material

A major frustration with many types of signs is that they fade over time and as the year’s pass, they begin to look weathered and unimpressive. This can lead to you having to pay for a new sign only a relatively short time after having purchased your original. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you have paid a significant amount of money for your sign.

This isn’t a problem that you will have with Corian. Corian is a fade-resistant material, meaning that your sign stays bright, sharp, and clear for longer. It is also extremely easy to clean and maintain as chemicals can be used on the surface without damaging it.