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How to design banners and stands for maximum impact

When it comes to creating the perfect banner or display stand, there are certain rules which should be followed. Aside from this, there are design principles that have been tried and tested and have proven their worth – so it pays to know what these design principles are.

Granted, designing a banner or an exhibition stand is never easy, but by following certain rules and design considerations, you can design a printed display with maximum impact. Here’s how to do it right.

Think about where it will be placed

You first need to have a good idea of where you are planning to place your banner or stand. Although you may be planning to use it in different locations, you could still have the main location in mind. For example, if you are thinking of using your banner or stand at a trade show or exhibition, not just once but several times, it’s better to opt for a sturdier banner material that can last for a longer time. A stand that will be used for an exhibition may not have its lower portion properly seen or displayed, so you also have to think about this and incorporate your most important message on the upper portion of the stand.

The significance of keeping it simple

Banners and exhibition display stands are often designed with one goal: to attract consumer attention. This means that you don’t have to display loads of detail on the banner or stand – even if you are highly tempted to do so. Stick to the goal of grabbing the attention of passersby; whatever other information you want to impart can be imparted once you are already speaking with the customer. You can always hand them a brochure or booklet about your services or give them your business card so that they can schedule an appointment. Keep your banner and stand text concise and clear and avoid bombarding customers with long statements and sentences. Once they have approached you, that’s when you can work your magic.

Organise information following a natural pattern

When we look at something or read something, our eyes naturally follow a pattern from left to right and from top to bottom. This is how it goes in western countries, although it can be different in some Asian countries and the Middle East. But if you’re exhibiting at an exhibition, trade show, or event in the west, then organise your banner or stand in such a way that its design follows the natural progression of how people read the English language or how people view images.

Of course, it’s always better to go for quality, as the quality of your banners or stands will always be noticed – and customers will definitely form a better impression of your company if the quality is exceptional.