Jigsaw selects BT to strengthen online shopping experience

Jigsaw, the high end fashion retailer, announced that it has extended its contract with BT Expedite, BT’s retail specialist, to upgrade Jigsaw-Online.com.

The new website will remove the need for Jigsaw to manage its current mobile channel as a separate platform. The site with mobile responsive design ensures that content is optimised for the customer regardless of the device they are shopping on.

Jigsaw has extended its contract with BT Expedite by two years and it is the first customer to move its site onto the new optimised, service-led e-commerce platform. The platform will form an integral part of Jigsaw’s strategy for growth and the deal will also cover the website for The Shop at BlueBird, Jigsaw’s luxury London boutique.

Asif Khetani, director of e-commerce at BT Expedite, said: “Jigsaw services an increasingly digital savvy consumer and understands the importance of delivering a seamless shopping experience across its multiple channels.”

“Using BT Expedite’s E-commerce Platform, Jigsaw has the very latest tools to build distinct brand experiences that will further strengthen customer loyalty and drive revenue.”

“We are delighted to be consolidation our relationship with Jigsaw and are fully committed to helping the company achieve online growth aspirations in the most cost effective way.”

Kate Holt, group director of e-commerce at Jigsaw, said: “Our online business continues to deliver solid, significant growth particularly across the mobile journey. We’re pleased to be staying with BT Expedite and to be embarking on this ambitious project for both brands within the group – Jigsaw and The Shop at Bluebird.”

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