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Neopost offers free guide to direct marketing

Neopost has created a free guide to effective direct marketing.

The guide is packed full of practical tips to help businesses make the most of this really powerful marketing tool.

Mail has the power to reach customers – and retain them

To be successful businesses need to stand out from the competition, create a memorable impression and drive traffic to a store or website. Today a combination of email and direct mail can influence potential and existing customers to make a buying decision. Research indicates:

  • 72% of direct mail B2B letters were opened compared to just 11% of unsolicited emails.
  • 56% of adults have made or considered making a purchase after receiving something in the post.
  • 75% of consumers like receiving special offers and vouchers through the post.

It’s seven times more expensive to find new customers than retain existing ones and direct mail is a great way for businesses to build brand and customer loyalty.

Royal Mail and Neopost – experts in communication

Email, digital media and social media can make it difficult for businesses to work out how and where to communicate with their customers – from the initial introduction to saying thank you for purchasing. Neopost and Royal Mail can help businesses to deliver first-class client communications. Royal Mail provides a reliable nationwide service, with industry-leading delivery times. With Neopost, software and equipment business communications look professional:

  • We help improve address accuracy and mail appearance.
  • We minimise human errors and ensure the right information reaches the right person.
  • We automate manual tasks to free up staff for more effective use of their time.

Everything you want to know about direct mail but were too afraid to ask

To help you cut through the jargon and make the most of this invaluable marketing tool, we’ve put together a free Guide to Effective Direct Mail Campaigns. Inside the guide are loads of facts, hints and practical advice about:

  • Delivering the right message each time, every time.
  • Creating effective direct mail campaigns – from start to sale.
  • Planning a successful campaign.
  • Using data effectively to reach and retain customers.
  • Sending great looking communications – because first impressions count.
  • Reducing the costs of your direct mail and increasing return on investment.
  • Integrating print and digital marketing.

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