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Next generation one stop shopping

Point of online-offline exchange is the dimension of omni-channel shopping uniting the in-store world with online commerce for the next generation.

Retailers such as TAO Technical Wear in Germany use the in-store e-commerce software from Pyramid Computer GmbH to maximise the opportunities in next generation one stop and deliver an innovative shopping experience for customers.

Using Nephele TAO is no longer limited by its brick-and mortar stores. The retailer is able to step outside its traditional value propositions to pursue new customers via virtual store enlargement; meaning it can sell more in less physical space.

Retailers are able to dramatically extend their virtual floor space by displaying an entire product catalogue while rationalising in-store selection in order to provide customers with a more interactive shopping experience. Also, these catalogues have extensive details of products and their related accessories, as well as choosing home delivery or taking their goods away from them.

polytouch also allows products to be updated or special sales promotions can be scheduled on the fly from a central location. Customers should have the luxury of walking into a store, scanning the QR codes from the shopping list pre-prepared on their smartphone, and walking out of the store with the purchase in a matter of minutes. Forget the in-store and online dichotomy and fuse the customers’ shopping experience.

At TAO, merchandise is distributed through trading partners (shop to shop) as well as online.

A key objective of TAO’s is to create an enhanced service level for customers, particularly as the retail industry has seen a steady decline of staff over the last few years. It is therefore imperative for the retailer that its customers can easily find what they are looking for and that other services such as product comparison, product finder and related accessories are readily accessible – thereby helping to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

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