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Pavement signs drive customers in store

With 76% of customers making their purchasing decision in-store, UK Point of Sale reveals how the use of A-boards and pavement signs could be the defining footfall driver for businesses during the festive season.

Pavement signs and A-boards can have a direct impact on driving footfall to a high street shop or premises, representing a great opportunity to give people a positive first impression of a brand. By catching the attention of passers-by, pavement signs can alert potential customers to a store, which they may not have otherwise noticed. Pavement signs can also be used to make potential customers aware of fantastic deals, offers and important messaging.

POS’s top tips to help to maximise pavement footfall:

  • If messaging will be updated daily, opt for a chalkboard pavement sign that can be easily updated with a chalk pen and specialist eraser.
  • If messaging only needs to be changed once or twice a month, a front opening poster board will look professional whilst remaining easy and efficient to update.
  • A pavement sign will be weighted and more sturdy than an A-board so consider the positioning of where the signage needs to be and ensure, if necessary, it can withstand weather conditions. However, in strong winds, pavements signs and A-boards should always be moved inside.

Debra Jamieson, sales and marketing director at UK POS, commented: “Pavement signs are vital in converting a passer-by’s glance into walking in the store, which can lead to a purchase.”

“Businesses need to stay at least one step ahead of the competition, especially at this festive time of year. It was reported in December 2013 that over £2bn was spent in high street stores and shopping centres alone on Boxing Day – a huge amount of purchasing power and footfall to capitalise on.”

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