Promotional events that could soar your E-commerce business success

E-commerce businesses are arguably one of the most important sectors of the internet to currently be emerging. Without distance barriers and the constrictions of shop opening times/trading hours, the E-commerce business sector has grown in popularity considerably in the last five years.

However, without having a physical presence from customers, it can be difficult to know how to best reach new buyers. Here are some event ideas that will help to increase your business’s success and popularity as soon as possible.

Christmas discount event – Social media

You may think you’re too late for this one due to being in the month of December, but this is a great example of how quickly you can generate a popular promotional event. Sharing an event to your social media accounts – like a 24 hour only discount event or a competition to win an E-gift card for your website – will generate a lot of new visitors due to how quickly a large number of people can be reached. This extremely beneficial as new visitors, turn into returning customers, which equals more money in our pocket.

Outsourcing a professional to take control of promotions on your social media account will take some of the pressure off of you, and ensure that you are constantly reaching out to new customers. If you believe this to be outside of your budget, it’s a good idea of looking into ways of commercial finance that could fund you to invest into expanding. Weighing up the outgoings against the incomings from new potential loyal customers could prove this to be an incredibly smart move for your business.

Loyalty member only events

Business success comes from brand popularity and loyalty. The more first-time visitors you can turn into return customers, the better. Even though you run an E-commerce business, it does not mean you cannot give something back to your customers. Having an online points system running, i.e. for every pound spent the customer receives five points, encourages larger customer average spends and a gain in return shoppers. This also means you can hold loyalty member-only events where discounts are only offered to those signed up to the scheme – this spurs on more customers to sign up. There are companies that specialise in setting up loyalty schemes for web and app businesses, so it’s a good idea to do your research and find out what scheme will suit your business best.

Signing up could also entail receiving the monthly business newsletter, which will keep customers up to date with upcoming launches and events – creating a more personal and informed experience for the customer. A newsletter can offer exclusive insight into new products and early access to discounts, sales and promotions. With customers seeing your business in their inbox each month, it will ensure they are more likely to think of you when purchasing and keep them returning.  

This, of course, is not an exhaustive list but is a great starting point for E-commerce businesses working within a budget.