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Pureety Gourmet creates own-label brand service

UK based food and brand development company Pureety Gourmet Flavours create a service for wholesalers and retailers to create a range of own-label food products.

Pureety Gourmet, established in 2009 by chef Gareth Pearson, already stocks in-house products with some of the biggest supermarket chains including Tesco, Asda, Booths, Lidl and Waitrose.

Pearson commented: “What we’re offering is a big helping hand for businesses wanting to get own-label products on their shelves, by guiding them through all the difficult parts of the process, but still leaving them in control of what happens and how they want their business to move forward.”

Pureety’s service will include sourcing and processing the client’s selected ingredients, as well as managing stock levels and ordering systems.

Pearson continues: “Our clients come to us with fantastic ideas and potential for a new retail product and we literally develop and produce the recipe, create and design the packaging, palletise the product, warehouse the completed goods, organise and manage the supply chain, sales and distribution.”

As the cost of ingredients is going up on a global scale, so too has the price of established brands, and more consumers are turning to own-label products in store, as long as the quality is matched, if not better.

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