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The business launch you need

Start-up businesses are able to gather hundreds of exciting and profitable contacts in a matter of hours when they go down the launch event route.

Typically a business launch event will allow people to learn about the brand, the people behind it, get on board with the concept and a feel for where and how they fit with the story. 

But in the end, people need a take-away about the event they have just been to. 

So how can you make sure you get the business launch that you need? 


Before you start planning the seating, researching portable toilet hire and planning the menu – you need to know what your goals are. Why are you having the event in the first place? Consider the results that you want from the launch party. Would you like to see more sales on the website? Are you looking to make a connection with your audience? 

The most likely outcome of any business launch is that your brand profile will be raised in the right way, and you have a high ticket list of contacts. 

Make sure that your goals are clear

Entertain but educate

Try not to book yourself an hour-long slot to give a talk about who you are, what you do and so on. You should have a short but information-packed speech ready for your guests, it might be wise to hire a speechwriter to get this right. Then have things planned for the rest of the evening that is more about connecting and exploring than the spiel. 

You might be working with a tight budget, in which case you can still host workshops and classes, but you’re going to have to be more hands-on and reduce the number of people attending – unless you have staff that will lend a hand. 

Tell people why they should care about your business. 


There are many venues that are very generous with their packages when it comes to start-up businesses and others that aren’t. Try to look for venues that run special deals for business booking, or have someone that incredible at negotiating to have a chat with the event manager. The event managers for the venue are usually great at keeping everything under control and well-timed. You can, of course, hire a freelance event planner to take care of this for you. This will depend on your budget. 

Guest comfort

The main thing, after your main business objective, is making sure that your guests are comfortable. This means ensuring there is enough food being served at regular intervals, that you don’t run low on drinks and that there is a quieter space for guests to have a more in-depth conversation. 

You’ll need to decide how much of the event you want to have shared, but always remember that user-generated content is some of the most compelling content that you can have in your corner. The purpose of your event should be about connection, links and sharing your story. Keep that as the focus and build around it.