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Wagamama teams up with BT for enhanced customer journey

wagamama, one of the fastest growing quick restaurant service companies in the UK, is working with BT Expedite, BT’s retail specialists, to roll out a range of solutions to improve the way it engages with customers and enhance the customer experience at its restaurants.

wagamama is a new client of BT Expedite and will be implementing Single Customer View (SCV) with more than a dozen key integration points. Hosted in the cloud, SCV will be accessible by wagamama and provide a 360 degree view of customer activity across restaurant, mobile app and take-out service channels. BT Expedite’s SCV will be integrated with key third party solutions for electronic point of sale, Take-out App, Pay at Table App, customer feedback system, website, email service provider and wi-fi data.

As well as the market-leading SCV solution, wagamama will also be using BT Expedite’s customer relationship management (CRM) and loyalty solutions. This will allow wagamama to analyse customer behaviour and personalise its communication, service and offers to its customers.

The roll-out of the BT Expedite services will give a stable and solid platform to support business growth and help it capitalise on new market and customer service opportunities. wagamama is working closely with BT Expedite’s CRM business consultants, tapping into more than 25 years of customer engagement experience, assisting wagamama in driving customer engagement strategies, implementing customer analytics and managing loyalty operations.

Kathy Quashie, CEO, BT Expedite, said: “We are thrilled to be collaborating so closely with the team at wagamama. Working through the programme design, integration, and customer engagement strategy is core to our skillset, and we are delighted to have been chosen to contribute to wagamama’s exciting future.”

Richard Tallboy, CIO, wagamama, said: “BT Expedite came recommended to us, and we were impressed with their grasp of our business goals and their years of experience in implementing SCV, CRM and loyalty solutions with a strong track record. We look forward to a successful implementation to bring our plans to fruition.”

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