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How apps can seriously benefit your small business

We’re living in a technological age and your business is going to have to keep up with the times if you intend to experience success, make sales, and generate as much profit as possible.

This is a general rule of thumb, regardless of whether you’re into tech yourself or not. Now, most small business owners have already set up some sort of website where consumers can browse and purchase their goods online. But why not take things a step further? You could develop apps for your brand too! Here’s everything you need to know on the subject:

What is an “app”?

Put simply, “app” is short for “application”. It is an application on your phone that allows you to access a programme. Chances are that you’ve used plenty of apps on your smartphone already. Every time you press one of the small, square icons on your home screen, you are accessing an app.

Developing an app

You may have noticed that other companies have apps that can be downloaded onto people’s smartphones. You can do this too! You just need to look into app development and collaborate with a professional app developer. They will be able to make all of your dreams a reality. Some features of an app for your brand could include:

  • A look book – A space where customers can browse your stock and see how it looks. Whether you are selling clothes, kitchenware, or anything else, a lookbook is a great type of catalogue that can show your products off in stylised scenes and settings.
  • Sales – You could let people buy your products through your app. This gives them another platform from which to purchase your goods, and as we all know, customers love having freedom of choice.
  • Blog posts – Blog posts can provide consumers with more information about your brand, its history, and its values. Your app could include a blog where people can get to know your company a little better.

Using existing apps

Remember that you can use existing apps to your business’ advantage too!


Instagram is generally perceived to be a personal platform where people share images of their personal lives. But it’s a great business tool too! You could create an Instagram page for your business and use your profile as a space to share high-quality images of your stock and respond to questions and queries from consumers within the comments and direct message features.


Surprisingly few small business owners make use of Pinterest when it’s actually a great marketing platform! Like Instagram, it is a largely visual app. However, people tend to pin images they like to boards. If your image is pinned to a lot of boards, it will be recommended to more people. You can include a link to your website in each image description, so people who like the featured products can head to your page and actually buy them!

As you can see, apps may be small, but they can hold a whole lot of potential for your small business. So, incorporate them into your professional process as soon as possible!