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Optimising store layout to maximise sales

Have you ever noticed that most commercial stores have a similar layout? There’s a reason for this.

Your store layout can have a huge effect on sales, customer loyalty and even staff morale. But, it’s important to recognise that shopping is changing. The growth in online sales means that brick and mortar stores need to work harder to keep customers coming back. They need to turn a simple shopping trip into a customer experience, and layout can play a big part in this too.

Large companies and brands spend a fortune hiring designers and researchers to help them optimise their store layout. But, this isn’t always possible as a smaller business. Instead, you need to take inspiration from competition, but also from other industries, taking a look at how 2G Interior designers help restaurants and bars create the perfect atmosphere with their décor. However, the most important thing that you need to do is think like a customer. Here are some tips to help you to get it right.

Keep it bright

There has been a trend in recent years towards darker décor in higher class shops. But, this isn’t always effective. It gives the impression of hiding things away, and it makes it harder for customers to see what they are doing. Keep your walls light and lights bright so that your customers can walk around and see what they are looking at easily.

Let light in

The best way to keep your store bright is letting in as much natural light as you can. Large windows, skylights and large glass entryways can help. This not only makes it easier to see inside your store, but it also pulls people in from outside, converting passing footfall and drastically improves the atmosphere of your shop. Natural light helps people to feel relaxed and happy, making them much more likely to spend money.

Perfect partners

Walls, windows and doors are important. But so too is product placement. This is something that you should think about very carefully. If you sell clothes, try to group outfits, giving your customers easy options without having to search. If you sell technology, your customers shouldn’t have to walk across the store to find the cables for the TV they are buying.


Part of turning a shopping trip into an experience is making it about more than shopping. To do this, you need space. Add a coffee machine or store to the back of your shop with seats and books, and your customers will stay for longer. Place comfy seating and drinks machines near your fitting rooms, and make sure your aisles are wide so that your customers can take products off the shelves and get to grips with them. Let them use all of their senses to shop, not just their eyes.

Keep it comfortable

Customers will never go to the fitting room to try clothes on in a freezing store. Make sure yours is comfortable. Keep the temperature warm, the smell fresh and the lighting bright, but easy on the eye.