Woo Your Customers with Bespoke Packaging Design

Consumer preferences may change over time, but one truth remains constant: first impressions really do matter. When it comes to products, that all-important first impression relies on packaging. In this article, we’re not just talking about any packaging. We’re talking about the allure of bespoke packaging. This isn’t only about keeping your product safe. That matters, of course, but standout packaging entices your customers, making them fall for your brand before they’ve even seen what is inside! Read on to see how a bespoke packaging design can help with your brand.

Polypouch – Flexible Pouch Supplier, says that strong branding provides the following benefits:

  • Accelerates the acceptance of new products.
  • Enhances the perceived value of your product and your company.
  • Enables you to charge premium prices.
  • Helps safeguard against price erosion.

Bespoke packaging design is the secret weapon of businesses across the world. The right bespoke packaging can elevate your product from just another item on the shelf, hidden among competitors, to a ‘go-to’ item that customers reach for every time they need to restock. Packaging is about creating a connection and, even better, a lasting relationship between your brand and customers.

Why Go Bespoke?

Bespoke packaging typically comes at a premium price, so why go for it in the first place? We’ll tell you why. Packaging is a vital component of the overall brand experience and can make or break your business. It isn’t just a physical container for your product, shielding it from damage and contamination, but an integral part of your brand’s identity. Your packaging tells the story of your brand, what you stand for, and why your product should matter to the person mulling over whether to purchase it or move on to a competitor’s product.

Think of some of the world’s most successful brands. What sets them apart from their competitors? More often than not, it’s branding. Take Apple—the electronics brand is known for its minimal but sophisticated packaging that reflects the elegant, premium product inside. The moment you see Apple packaging, words such as “expensive”, “premium”, and “top of the line” come into your head. Bespoke packaging gives you the power to inspire these sorts of thoughts in the minds of your target audience and craft a narrative that resonates with them.

Appealing to the Younger Generation

Different packaging design appeal tends to different age demographics. So, what kinds of packaging are millennials and Generation Z drawn to? Young consumers tend to favour transparency and openness. It’s more than what’s inside the package because they’re interested in what the packaging is like in its own right. These consumers seem to appreciate unique, creative designs made from sustainable materials with personal touches, making bespoke packaging a priority for businesses across a diverse range of sectors.

The best example to demonstrate how bespoke packaging appeals to consumers is in the beauty industry. Brands such as Glossier, Tarte, Lime Crime, Revolution and Milk Makeup are appealing to younger consumers by crafting vibrant and striking packaging that sets them apart from other brands in what is an extremely competitive industry.

These popular beauty brands have benefitted massively from social media, with users posting photos and videos admiring unique and aesthetically pleasing products. For example, on Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, #milkmakeup appears in 475,000 posts, #glossier in over 750,000 posts and #tarte in 4.5 million posts. There is little doubt that the brands’ focus on producing eye-catching packaging plays a significant role in their popularity with millennials and Generation Z.

Bespoke Packaging

Tips for Crafting Bespoke Packaging Designs

If we’ve successfully convinced you of the enticing nature of bespoke packaging, you’re going to want to keep the following tips in mind when it comes to designing your packaging:

Understand your customers

Invest the time and money into learning who your customers are and what they want, if you haven’t already. After all, the goal is to create products and product packaging that appeals to them. Conduct in-depth market research to gain deep insights into their specific preferences and behaviours and use these findings to inform packaging decisions.

Communicate your brand story

Your packaging acts as the gateway to consumers. As a result, you must use it to communicate your brand’s story to them, including the company’s mission, purpose and values, seamlessly joined together by a compelling narrative that brings it all to life.

Don’t be afraid to innovate

To stand out from the crowd, you must think outside of the box (in this case, both literally and metaphorically). Take the time to experiment with a variety of materials and designs to create a truly unique product that consumers won’t be able to ignore.

Prioritise sustainability

Many consumers are conscious of the environmental impact of the products they buy, including the packaging. For this reason, consider using recyclable or biodegradable materials to package your products, otherwise, you might lose face with eco-conscious consumers who vote with their wallets.

Final Thoughts

Bespoke packaging isn’t just about appearances—it is a powerful tool for consumer seduction. Unique, eye-catching packaging draws customers in, allowing them to discover how fantastic your product is before they’ve even opened the box.