Realtime Despatch Software partners with NetDespatch

NetDespatch, the leading parcel data management platform for postal and parcel carriers, announced that it has partnered with Realtime Despatch Software, an independent software company specialising in warehouse management and e-commerce software for e-tailers and fulfillment houses.

Founded in 2005, Realtime Despatch provides specialist e-commerce fulfillment software that helps e-tailers and fulfillment houses streamline their order processing and warehouse management operations. Its flagship product, OrderFlow, provides a flexible software platform for managing the warehousing and fulfillment operations of retailers, delivering seamless e-commerce integration for order processing, stock control, warehouse management, carrier management and reporting.

Integration with the NetDespatch platform enables the OrderFlow platform to utilise the NetDespatch API to send shipments via a wide range of both domestic and international carriers. In fact, OrderFlow’s framework has been refactored to make it even easier to add new carriers to this platform, thanks to the NetDespatch integration.

Now Realtime Despatch can process orders via the integrated platform and these are automatically booked and passed to the carrier with the required labels and documentation, all produced without the need for manual intervention or any data re-entry.

Additionally, with the NetDespatch integration, Realtime Despatch is now able to offer:

  • Better support for Click and Collect functionality throughout the system, from receiving store information through the production of tailored store-routing labels, to manifesting shipments to specific stores.
  • Support for line-hauling packed shipments between warehouses for multi-site OrderFlow environments to take advantage of better carrier rates. This is achieved within the OrderFlow workflow so gives full visibility of shipments undergoing this process.

Charles Armor, managing director, Realtime Despatch Software said: “Our customers frequently need to produce different types of carrier labels. With an ever-growing list of new carriers that customers require us to support we were looking for a partner who could handle the complexities of carrier integrations such as label changes, or routing and product changes, quickly and easily. Now with the NetDespatch platform we can achieve this cost effectively with one single integration for all the carriers supported on the NetDespatch platform. This means we can focus on our core business which is running our customers’ back office pick and pack processes.”

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