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Children to receive smartphones for Christmas

A survey has found that children in the UK as young as 4 will be receiving a brand new mobile phone this Christmas.

The dual survey, commissioned by, quizzed 3150 parents with children aged between 4 and 12 years old on the most popular products that made up their shopping list for Christmas 2014 with smartphones topping the list.

Gadgets were a strong performer throughout with 53% of parents listing smartphones as being on their shopping list. Overall a gadget in some shape or form was on 96% of parents Christmas shopping lists.

Key findings included:

  • 95% of parents buying phones will be buying their children smartphones as opposed to phones that do not have apps or full internet access.
  • 55% admitted the number one reason they were buying a mobile phone was that their child’s friends owned one. 32% stated safety.
  • 72% of parents will buy a contract phone instead of pay as you go.
  • 48% believe contract phones offer better deals and 39% revealed that a contract helped make the phone more affordable as the payments were spread across 24 months.

Head of customer insight at, Brandon Ackroyd said: “The world has gone mobile so it’s no real surprise that young children are getting their hands on a smartphone this Christmas.”

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