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How to stay in your customers’ minds

If you’re going to go through all the effort of winning customers, then you’ll want them to stick around for as long as possible.

Your marketing won’t be effective if it only attracts people who forget about you within weeks. One of the best kept secrets of business is that it’s your existing customers, not your new ones, that you should really be paying attention to. But of course, hoping that your customers think of you is one thing. Making sure they do is another. In this blog, we’ll take a look at a few key ways you can ensure your company stays in your customers’ minds.

Social media followers

As much as you’d like to think otherwise, the fact of the matter is that people will not be visiting your website every day. Far from it. But there are some websites that they’ll be visiting every day; in fact, they’ll be visiting them multiple times a day. These are the social media websites, which many people spend a lot of time browsing. One way to subtly stay in your customers’ minds is to be a presence on these sites. Even if they’re not interacting with your business each day, you’ll ensure that you’re not forgotten by posting interesting content

In their letter box

A customer might have loved everything about their interaction with your business. But then life moves on, they think about other things, and just like that, their experience has become a distant memory. So sometimes, they need a little reminding. One excellent way to do this is to send them direct marketing through the post. This has been shown to be highly effective, in large part because it’s more personal: you’re sending something directly to them (rather than on social media, which goes to everyone). You should make it worth their while, however. Look at working with Duplo International, a professional printing company that specialises in producing booklets. They’ll help to produce a booklet that looks professional and which gets your customers’ attention when it drops through their letter box. 

As well as direct mail, you can also think about sending emails, too. This can sometimes be all that a customer needs to be reminded that, in fact, they’ve been meaning to get back in touch with your company and make an order.

Promotions and sales

Many companies are pretty good at giving new customers promotions and discounts, but less good at rewarding their existing customers. If you’re looking to win a customer back, then you might have to sweeten the deal somewhat. Could you offer them a 20% discount, or offer other promotions? You already know that they’re interested in what your company does. This might just be what convinces them to make another purchase. 

Do good things

Finally, remember to keep on doing good things! You can’t rest on your laurels when you’re in business. You need to continue pushing forward. If you carry on innovating and delivering exceptional service, then people will always notice.