Ve becomes an Amazon Webstore Solution Provider

London-based e-commerce conversion company Ve has become an Amazon Webstore Solution Provider, which will allow Webstore merchants to utilise Ve’s software in its online shops.

Ve offers a platform for merchants to acquire, engage and convert customers at every stage of the e-commerce journey. The Ve suite of apps helps online businesses, like Amazon, reduce bounce rates, increase customer engagement and minimise website abandonment.

Ve’s apps include:

  • VeContact which targets customers that abandon sites at the shopping cart through email re-engagement. The emails contain personalised content for each visitor including subject line, images, product information and a link back to the pre-populated basket.
  • VeChat is an artificial intelligence-driven agent with 11 million phrases in 11 languages that helps shoppers find what they want and get the help they need rather than abandoning a sale.
  • VeGenie is a performance-based dynamic display retargeting solution, designed to leverage web ads to lead customers back to the checkout.
  • VeAssist reduces bounce rates by improving search efficiency and the presentation of products on a merchant’s site when it is indicated that a customer is going to leave.

The VePlatform’s centralised reporting across all activated apps also enables merchants to monitor performance and identify trends across conversion campaigns.

David J. Brown, CEO and co-founder of Ve, commented: “We are very happy to be an Amazon Webstore Solution Provider. As a Solution Provider we will reach new customers across the globe, providing them with access to Ve’s award winning suite of e-commerce conversion technology. Using Ve’s technology, online retailers will be able to maximise their sales and consumers will get more engagement and help from the online shops that they visit.”

Founded in 2009, Ve now works across 18 languages, within 43 territories and has 18 offices worldwide.

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