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Why roller banners are indispensable for retailers

As a retailer you have a variety of marketing tools to choose from for the promotion of your business. In the wide range from flyers and stickers to online attention on social media, why should you not forget about roller banners?

Roller banners are a great way to help convey the image and essential information that the public must know about the organisation. And all shaped in an attractive and professional way.

The roll-up banner has many advantages for retailers who carry out promotional activities in the offline world. It’s one of those essential multi-functional elements. It can be helpful when attending events, fairs, and congresses as for openings and to attract people who just walk by. Place roller banners where they are completely visible and make sure no part gets blocked so the effect of your design gets lost.

How to use roller banners as a retailer?

Since the roller banner is a versatile and easily customizable element, it can be used at different occasions. In practice, most companies will use a roll-up when participating in fairs and events. It can easily attract attention from visitors for the stand. But let´s not forget how useful it can be at store openings, for example to welcome customers. Also to announce product launches in commercial areas, the roller banner is a great marketing tool to use. Since roller banners can be ordered without involving a high cost and used at multiple occasions, they are a profitable marketing element.

Design of a roller banner

The effectiveness of a roller banner not only depends on where you place it, but also on its design. This includes the information that you put on it. When designing your roller banner, keep in mind that the highest area of the roll-up is what everybody reads first, since it´s at eye level. So place the most important message there. The roll-up should transmit the message that you want to communicate. It’s recommended not to overload the design with text, people that pass by won´t take the time to read them in depth. Of course an almost empty roller banner also has no impact. So, include relevant information. A company slogan is also a good text to place on it. A banner is not only made of text, you should also include the logo and high quality images. Make sure you use a photo with high resolution so it doesn´t get blurred or pixelated. This will only transmit a sensation of unprofessionalism. Colour wise you should use colours that help transmit the design, not work against it. The colour of the background must match the logo and make sure the letters can be clearly read.

The roller banner is still very effective to transmit information about a company or product. Make a great design and get the most out of this marketing tool!