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Predator Nutrition aims for improved customer experience with mcommerce

Sports nutrition retailer swaps out responsive design for a mobile commerce strategy to improve the mobile customer experience and increase conversion.

Predator Nutrition, online retailer of sports nutrition and supplements, is launching its new mobile commerce site with the support of mcommerce solution provider, MoPowered.

MoPowered is building Predator’s mcommerce site with the aim of improving the customer experience for mobile and tablet users, and increasing mobile conversion rates.

Currently, Predator Nutrition’s desktop site is replicated on users’ mobile devices, and, although the retailer had previously deployed a responsive design site for mobile, after an initial six-week period, the site was taken down due to low conversion.

Reggie Johal, founder of Predator Nutrition, explained: “It is clear that consumers are increasingly expecting a mobile experience that is aligned with the way in which they want to use the channel, and that they are unforgiving if the experience does not meet their expectations.

“Over 33% of our total online traffic comes from a mobile device, yet only 18% of total sales are completed through this channel; we have been seeing high bounce rates and low conversion, and not seeing the purchases we would expect from the volume of traffic. The results of our mobile strategy to date have made it clear that we need to engage with our users in a more relevant way, with a mobile website that caters specifically to our mobile use case.”

The company selected MoPowered for its established reputation in the sector, and its ability to de-risk the retailer’s move to mobile.

“Unlike other suppliers, MoPowered has been happy to work very collaboratively and flexibly with us; we are expecting a projected increase in conversion of 50% and it is in both MoPowered’s and our best interests for the mobile site to achieve this,” said Johal.

The MoPowered team has proven to be self sufficient in the build process, another key consideration for Predator Nutrition. “Although it’s a key priority for us, as a mid-tier retailer with a small team, we simply don’t have the resource or the time in-house, to dedicate to this. MoPowered has been quite impressive in the way they have executed the project to date,” Johal concluded.

Jim Rudall, sales director at MoPowered, added: “The reality is that more customers now come to a retail business through mobile, than any other channel; mobile is the primary touch point, and a bad mobile experience can cause long term damage to brand perception.

“The mobile shopping experience must reflect the fundamental differences with the desktop customer journey, through every aspect of the navigation right through to a simplified checkout process. And the only way to achieve this cost-effectively is through embracing an mcommerce strategy.”

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